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Meet Our Influencers

Pearls and Pumps

A romantic setting is spontaneous when key elements come together. Pearls & Pumps, Chocolates and Champaign, Crystal and Candlelight, are the sensuous companions for our Parisian sofa/chair group. Dressed out in Aqua Velvet, the sofa dazzles with jeweled buttons and acrylic feet. Fashion, from the streets of Paris, influences our chair in Daze Aqua upholstery. Joie de vivre!

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Be Happy

Colors can make you happy so go for a palette from the Caribbean islands. Their lush foliage and flowering plants influence our appreciation for bright yellows, ruby orange, and deep pink accented with every shade of green. Italian mid-century styling owns this look with its comfortable sophistication. Add a natural woven rug, small pedestal tables and a mixture of lighting options to make this setting music for your eyes. Re-enforce the look with a tropical botanical and some bird of paradise. Read More

Sophisticated Home On The Range

Mustangs influence the look we take with our Roma Group. The style is free roaming but the breed is pure comfort. Big wide seats and sunset pillows invite you to camp out in front of the fireplace and throw back a few drinks with friends. Keep the feel natural with a wicker trunk cocktail table and some steer skulls on the wall. Punctuate with a horse picture large and dramatic. Add some open range flowers in a glass container and you’ve rounded up a look as big as Dallas. GET THE LOOK Read More. Read More

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